In this blog I will be showing you the ISP’s configuration. Though, I will not be doing a proper real-life-like implementation, rather keep it simple for the purpose of this lab’s main objective: redistribution. I will, maybe, one day do a dedicated blog which will include ISP specific, design and configuration considerations. As a reminder, this is… Continue reading

I thought a good way of refreshing my JunOS routing knowledge was to setup a fairly complex lab from scratch. Though I believe that sometimes, diagrams should be matched to a scenario – just to give it a sense of reality. In the next few blogs, I’ll go through the entire process of joining three networks… Continue reading

If you are more familiar with Cisco kit, you then probably heard of VRFs and its little “brother” VRF-Lite (non-MPLS/MPBGP version). JunOS provides this feature too by means of Routing Instances; this feature, in JunOS, is called virtual-router.  But virtual-router is just one type of routing instances; there is more: virtual-router :: this is the closest version… Continue reading